Congratulations Brendon and Libby

We love a good story about our participants here at The Raine Study and this is a particularly beautiful one.

Brendon and Libby are a pretty special couple. They recently got engaged after 7.5 years together. They also both happen to be Raine Study participants! When we spoke with Brendon and Libby and asked them when they found out, Brendon said it was in the early stages of them dating.

“I had my 20 year old follow-up and mentioned to Libby what it was …. And we couldn’t believe we were both involved!”

Brendon said they both enjoy being part of a special group of people and feel proud to contribute their time (and bodies) to research. Brendon and Libby live together with their sausage dog, Keith, and plans are underway for their wedding.

We wish them a very happy future together!

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