Meet Martin: Participant Profile

Martin Becker is a member of the Community Advisory Committee and also our UJV Board.

The Community Advisory Committee is made up of participants from the Gen1 and Gen2 cohorts and it is their role to provide input and a community perspective into Raine Study activities.

Martin is one of our original Raine Study ‘Dad’s’ – and part of our Gen1 group. We had a quick chat with Martin to ask him about his experience with the Raine Study over the last 27+ years.

As a member of the “Gen1” cohort, can you remember what made you to decide as a family to sign up to be part of the Raine Study?

We thought any study would be of benefit to both our family and the general community.

What has your experience with the Raine Study been over the years?

Our eldest son Michael has been part of this study for 27 years.  The amount of information gathered over those years is amazing and to have that information on his life is fantastic. In terms of benefits to the greater community, access to information from so many participants is truly a huge asset and will continue to add value to the community for many years to come.

I have learnt even more about the Raine Study since joining this committee and can see the real value this continues to add to the community.

What have you been involved in yourself in terms of Raine Study research over the years?

I most recently participated in the sleep study and found out I have sleep apnoea which was a big surprise but I am now aware and treating it, so that was a bonus for me.

Why do you continue to be involved in the Raine Study? Why do you see the Raine Study as important?

I think the benefits of this research are very real and contributes to the health of our community.

Why did you choose to be part of the Community Advisory Group?

I wanted to be involved in a project that gave something back to the community.

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