Project Application Process

Welcome to the Raine Study, where ground-breaking research meets a unique cohort dedicated to improving human health. The Raine Study offers limitless opportunities for researchers to access rich and valuable sources of evidence about the developmental origins of health and disease from pregnancy into adulthood and older age.

All projects require approval from the Raine Study; this includes student projects, grant applications, and research proposals.

The project application process has 4 key stages outlined in detail below, and takes on average 6-8 weeks. This process ensures feasibility, ethical considerations, and alignment with the Raine Study protocols.

All researchers must familiarise themselves and agree to the Raine Study Researcher Engagement Policy (REP). Access the REP here. This policy covers essential principles, conditions, and rules for utilising our resources, ensuring a transparent and collaborative research environment. This document is a ‘live document’ and will be reviewed regularly and updated as required.

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