3. Project Conduct

Final Approval: Final approval is obtained once a copy of the ethics approval is submitted in ROSS and payment is received.

For grant applications, the final version of the grant file documents including the approved budget must be uploaded in ROSS.

To make payment, please contact the Raine Study team to obtain the details required to raise a purchase order with your institutional finance department.

Data Access:

Data access involves submitting a Data request via ROSS, where approval is contingent on the confirmation and acknowledgment of involvement by listed data handlers. Each data request must be accompanied by a Data Management Plan (uploaded in ROSS), including information on data governance – data storage and security, derived data handling, documentation of metadata including data format, structure and information on pre-processing and processing steps. The Data Management plan requires approval from the Raine Study Data Manager.

The SMC reviews requests fortnightly, either approving, requesting revisions, or rejecting. Approved requests undergo data extraction, with timing varying based on the requested data.

Sharing occurs through secure platforms, primarily AARNet, and data handlers are responsible for maintaining security. Transfers between handlers follow stringent security standards, and data cannot be shared without data handler status. The lead investigator is accountable for returning project-derived variables promptly and maintaining comprehensive records, per ethical guidelines. The Raine Study tracks data access and derived data, recommending AARNet or secure platforms for returns. For inquiries, contact the Raine Study team.

Bio-samples Access:

The assessment of bio-sample requests occurs within the Project Application stage. For the coordination of bio-sample transfers, please contact the Science team and refer to section 3.7 of the Researcher Engagement Policy (REP) for comprehensive guidance. Access the REP here.

Collection of New Measures

For projects involving the collection of new data and/or bio-samples, once final approval from the Raine Study is obtained, the Lead Investigator will work with the Raine Study team to conduct data collection.

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