4. Project Reporting

Manuscript Submission

The manuscript submission process involves the following steps:

  1. Ensure your manuscript accurately references the Raine Study generations, follow-ups, and the appropriate funding sources by reading the:

2. ROSS Manuscript Submission: Lead investigators can initiate the submission process by utilising the Manuscript Submission function in ROSS. This involves uploading the draft manuscript, and providing essential publication information and a plain language summary of the manuscript. Once all authors confirm their involvement in the publication, the manuscript will be submitted in ROSS.

3. SMC Manuscript Review: The SMC will review the manuscript for adherence to appropriate nomenclature and acknowledgments. The SMC will either approve the manuscript or suggest minor amendments.

4. Journal Submission and Notification: Upon SMC approval, the manuscript is ready to submit to the chosen journal. Inform the Raine Study once the manuscript is published, allowing us to update our records and mark the manuscript submission process as complete.

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