Current Studies

We have two follow-ups currently running within The Raine Study:

Gen2-28 year follow up (Vision and Vessels)

This study of our main cohort (Gen2) has three main aims. The first aim is to continue collecting the same core data as we did in previous follow-ups, so we can examine changes in your health and development over the years. The second aim is to assess artery function and health and to identify factors that are associated with impaired artery function. The third aim is to identify the genetic and environmental factors that are associated with eye health. The outcomes of this study will help us to understand factors that influence the health of blood vessels and eyes. The data might also allow us to better understand how the health of your blood vessels and the eyes might predict your future health.

Gen0/1-28 TiBS (Breast Density) Study

We are now inviting mothers and grandmothers of our Gen2 cohort to be part of this study. In the Gen2-27 year follow up at Raine Study House a breast density scan was undertaken on all Gen2 females using a device called TiBS (Transillumination Breast Spectroscopy). TiBS can determine how much fatty tissue and how much dense tissue there is in breasts and increased breast density is a strong risk factor for breast cancer in older women who attend mammographic screening (typically >40 years of age) but little is known about breast density in younger women.

The reasons for differences in breast density are largely thought to be genetic but there are also lifestyle factors that may cause breasts to become denser or fattier. This study will help us better understand breast density.



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