Generation 2, 28 Year Old Follow Up

Our current follow is for our Gen2 participants turning 28 years old. The study is running until April 2020.

Please note: The vessels component of this follow-up has now finished.  However the health checks and vision component of the follow-up is running until the end of April 2020.  The follow-up appointment involves a 2.5 hour health check and a 1.5 hour vision appointment. 

This study has three main aims.

The first aim is to continue collecting the same core data as we did in previous follow-ups so we can examine changes in your health and development over the years. The second aim is to assess artery function and health and to identify factors that are associated with impaired artery function. The third aim is to identify the genetic and environmental factors that are associated with eye health. The outcomes of this study will help us to understand factors that influence the health of blood vessels and eyes. The data might also allow us to better understand how the health of your blood vessels and the eyes might predict your future health.

What will participation involve?

This follow up will require you to attend two separate appointments (details below) on two different occasions at venues you have attended before:

  • Vessel Health assessment at Raine Study House and the UWA Cardiovascular Research Laboratory in the School of Human Sciences (Exercise and Sports Science), Parkway, UWA (next door to each other). A quick overview of the appointment can be viewed on our video below:

  • Vision Health assessment at a separate appointment at Lions Eye Institute, 2 Verdun Street, Nedlands.

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