The Raine Study Symposium – Information for Participants

The Raine Study Symposium is the new name for the event previously known as the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM). It will take place on Friday 2 September 2022 at the University Club of Western Australia (Perth), from 9am-3pm.

While the ASM was an event for researchers, we’d like the Symposium to be an event where we share the discoveries being made by the Raine Study’s researchers with the participants who have made their research possible through their ongoing commitment to attending follow-ups and filling out surveys.

We hope you will join us as we bring Raine Study researchers and participants together to share research findings, discuss future research directions, and celebrate the achievements of the Raine Study with everyone who makes this success possible.

The official invitation is still being finalised, but in the meantime, please click here to let us know if you’re interested in attending the Symposium event (or not).

Further general event details can be found here.


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