Your Privacy

The security of our participants data is something we take very seriously and any researcher that accesses your de-identified data goes through a rigorous protocol.

  • Taking part in the project is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time.
  • You will not be identified from the research – researchers do not see your name with your information.
  • Every research project is checked to make sure it meets the highest scientific and ethical standards.
  • In the same way as a doctor who treats you is bound to keep your information confidential, the Raine Study team, and all the researchers we work with, are bound to keep your information confidential.

Your Data

All Raine Study data is stored in a separate, secure password protected database accessed only by Raine Study staff. The storage and management of the full data set is handled by the Raine Study staff. Data is accessed, managed and stored according to the governance protocols outlined in the Raine Study Researcher Engagement Policy. All identifiable data is retained in a secure location and is not permitted to come into the possession or control of any other organisation or any individual unless required to do so by law. Only de-identified datasets (where we have removed identifying information) will be provided for scientific research, and then only for approved projects and approved investigators. Data can only be used to carry out the specific scientific research following approval by the Scientific Review Committee and with appropriate ethical approval. Only investigators approved by the Raine Study for a specific project can access the data for that specific project. Data is stored according to strict security and confidentiality protocols detailed in the Raine Study Access Protocol and in according to the legislation, codes and guidelines detailed in the Data Confidentiality Protocols.

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