The Raine Study is owned by an Unincorporated Joint Venture (UJV), a collaborative partnership between the University of Western Australia (the centre agent), Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, the University of Notre Dame, the Telethon Kids Institute and the Women and Infants Research Foundation.

The UJV Board is responsible for the governance of the Raine Study, custodianship and control of the assets (such as the date, biological samples and intellectual property) and identifying, establishing and maintaining formal partners and collaborators.

The University of Western Australia is Group Agent for the Raine Study. This means that any data created, captured, or processed by the Raine Study is University of Western Australia information and therefore subject to the University’s Information Governance Policies (, which includes the University’s Information Privacy Policy. The University’s Information Privacy policy can be accessed through the Information Privacy Policy [DOC], and is accompanied by the Information Privacy Guideline [DOC], along with links to other supporting material.

The day to day operation of the Raine Study is looked after by a scientific and management team overseen by our Director, Professor Romola Bucks, Scientific Director, Associate Professor Rebecca Glauert, and Operations Manager, Aggie Bouckley.

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