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Perth’s a small place (as are WA, Australia, and let’s face it – the world!) so we think that there’s a good chance that some of our participants might be connected to other Raine Study participants without even knowing that they’re both Raine kids, Raine mums or Raine dads. We’ve created a range of content that you can use as the basis for your own post on social media if that’s where you’re comfortable, an email that you might send around your community group, or posters and flyers that you can print and share around your local community.

As always, you can contact us with your questions or to update your contact details by:
Phone: (08) 6488 6952
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Social Media

TOOLKIT – Social post 1 – Help the Raine Study make history



TOOLKIT – POSTER 2 Could you be one of us

TOOLKIT – POSTER 1 Could you be a RS participant


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