Raine Study

Key Findings

Thanks to the commitment of our participants, The Raine Study, has been able to make life-changing discoveries across all areas of human health and well-being.

We now know life-changing things like:

  • Ultrasounds on pregnant mothers are safe and we have set international standards for ultrasounds during pregnancy
  • Mothers who don’t smoke during pregnancy increase the outcome of having a happier and healthier child
  • Children who grow up with out a liquor outlet close to their home drink less as a young adult
  • Young adults who participated in sport more as children have stronger bones
  • Children who were breast-fed for four months or longer have healthier weight and less asthma and allergies
  • Breast-feeding reduces the chances of a middle ear infection as a young child
  • Children with better sleep patterns have better mental health in later life
  • Teenagers who eat a healthy diet have better school achievement
  • Even if you have back pain as an adolescent, it doesn’t mean you will experience it throughout life
  • Children and adolescents who watch less TV have less fat as a young adult
  • Vitamin D is good for eye health
  • Working less than 38 hours a week decreases your risk of heart disease

Plus so much more…

Over the last 30+ years, research using the Raine Study data has been published in over 500 academic journals.

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