Get Involved in the Research Process

Participant and cohort member involvement is at the heart of all that we do at the Raine Study. This includes the way we interact with you, our participants during data collection, the translation of data, and the consultation process we undertake when planning what and how we do research.

Cohort Members have experienced the research process from a participant’s perspective and are able to provide beneficial commentary regarding the following: aims of project proposals, ethical applications, methods of data collection, translation of findings to the cohort, community, and other relevant bodies, and on how to keep participants engaged in the study.

Many of you have an active interest in our research, and our cohort consultation activities provide a great opportunity for you to become involved in various aspects of the research process. Currently, we invite participants to be involved in Focus Groups, The Raine Study Community Advisory Committee, or as a Research Buddy.





Opportunities for Involvement


We invite participants to represent our cohort on internal Raine Study structural committees.

  • The Raine Study Consumer and Community Advisory Committee (RSCAC) consists of cohort members who meet quarterly with the Raine Study team and researchers. The aim is to help guide the future direction of the Raine Study, providing input into issues raised by staff, researchers, and our partners.
  • Cohort members from both Gen1 and Gen2 are members on various committees across the organisation, including our Unincorporated Joint Venture (UJV) Board, Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and Operational Management Committee (OMC).

Research Projects

We invite participants to collaborate with Raine Study researchers and Special interest groups on specific projects.

  • Become a research buddy – As a cohort member, you can apply to meet with a researcher one-on-one, to share your lived experience as a participant of the study. This provides an opportunity for you to share your unique insight and experience, and to contribute to the development of a new research project.
  • Attend a focus group, forum or workshop – As a participant of the study, you can register to meet with researchers as part of a one-off or regular focus group to discuss a specific research project/s. You will be asked to provide feedback and commentary to the researcher/s on specific aspects of the project and how they plan and develop the associated assessments.
  • Complete a survey about research topics that you, as participants, would like researchers to investigate. This provides the opportunity for you as a participant, to help co-design and prioritise the research topics addressed by the researchers utilising the Raine Study data.

How to get Involved
Expressions of Interest – We welcome participants to express their interest in cohort consultation via our Contact Us form, providing your name, email, mobile number, and letting us know if you have any specific areas of interests in health research. Once you express your interest, you will be contacted by our Participant Engagement Team when we have cohort consultation opportunities. 

Opportunities to be involved in cohort consultation for specific projects will also be advertised via the Raine Study participant newsletters, our closed Facebook group, and our website. Each opportunity that is advertised will include a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) which will include information about the project and what is required.

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