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Thanks to the commitment of our participants, The Raine Study, has published over 650 pieces of research in academic journals in the last 30 years.

Our areas of research covers 14 key special interest group areas and includes research into genetics, lifestyle behaviours, environmental factors, senses, allergies, reproduction and more.

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Latest Publication

Timing of childhood stress predicts changes in epigenetic patterns (factors that influence how genes are expressed) across child- and teen- years.

Lussier AA, Zhu Y, Smith BJ, Cerutti J, Fisher J, Melton PE, Wood NM, Cohen-Woods S, Huang RC, Mitchell C, Schneper L, Notterman DA, Simpkin AJ, Smith ADAC, Suderman MJ, Walton E, Relton CL, Ressler KJ, Dunn EC.

Publication date: Aug 2023

Keywords childhood adversity, DNA methylation, epigenetics, longitudinal, socioecononmic status