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The Raine Study is a rich resource for researchers and students.  PhD candidates are encouraged to utilise the Raine Study for their research thesis, as long as at least one of the student’s supervisors is a Raine Study researcher.

Raine Study PhD Top-Up Scholarships

The Raine Study previously offered PhD top-up scholarship funding to students who were utilising the extensive data of the Raine Study and undertaking a Doctorate of Philosophy at a Western Australian university.

Scholarships were available to students who had completed (at least) the first year of their candidature, and could be held for a maximum of two years with a possible six-month extension. They were awarded to candidates who were able to demonstrate that their research would benefit the community and other investigators utilising the Raine Study, and which had a high likelihood of successful completion.

The scholarship was valued at $10,000 AUD per annum with an additional $2,500 per annum travel allowance.

2022 Raine Study PhD Top-Up Scholarship

Applications for the 2022 Raine Study PhD Top-Up Scholarship closed on 30 November 2021. Successful applicants will be informed by 31 January 2022, with funding available for Semester 1, 2022.

The successful applicant will receive an offer of award, which will need to be co-signed by the responsible officer of the institution confirming that:

  1. The institution has the necessary facilities and endorses the student’s application for the scholarship.
  2. The institution is willing to administer the scholarship.

2022 PhD Top-Up Scholarship INFORMATION

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