Another Raine Study World-First: The VisCon Project

Introducing… the Raine Study’s Visual Consent Project!

2021 has seen us commence an exciting (and world-first) new project that will transform the way that you as a participant receive information about the tests you’ll be taking part in as part of a follow-up, and the way you provide your consent to take part in these tests.

Professor Camilla Andersen, UWA Law School

The Visual Consent (VisCon) Project is being undertaken by the Raine Study in partnership with some of the pioneers of comic book contracting:  Professor Camilla Andersen from the University of Western Australia’s Law School along with Peter Corner from legal advisory Alternative Contracting. Experts from UWA’s Human Ethics Office have provided oversight and advice since the start of the project. We are fortunate to have 2x Gen2 participant members of the Raine Study Advisory Committee working closely with the core team, Jessie Appleyard and Rachael Wilkinson.

An update on project progress to date was one of the highlights of the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting, and we hope to have more to share with participants in the new year.

If you’d like to find out more about the exciting new world of comic-book contracts, visit their website here.

Contact the Raine Study’s Participant Engagement team with any queries you may have, and stay tuned for many more details to come.

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