500th participant through our Gen0/1 Breast Density Study

We love a good milestone at the Raine Study and we recently celebrated our 500th participant in our Gen 0/1 Breast Density Study.

In the 27 year follow up at the Raine Study House a breast density scan was undertaken on all Gen2 females using a device called TiBS (Transillumination Breast Spectroscopy). TiBS can determine how much fatty tissue and how much dense tissue there is in breasts, and increased breast density is a strong risk factor for breast cancer in older women (typically >40 years of age) but little is known about breast density in younger women.

The reasons for differences in breast density are largely thought to be genetic but there are also lifestyle factors that may cause breasts to become denser or fattier.

Researchers are wanting to make the TiBS breast density measurement more user friendly and want to estimate the population distribution of TiBS breast density in women of different ages- which is why our Gen 0/1 participants have been involved!

Our Mums and Grandmothers of our Gen2 participants have been coming in to have their breast density measured using TiBS and the lovely Diedre (pictured with our team) was our 500th participant!

You can read more about what the study involves here. 


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