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Biological Resources (Bio)

Our Bio Special Interest Group is able to investigate areas of human biology.  The group has a range of measures on our participants relating to body composition (i.e. what the body is made of), including growth, body size, body fat, muscle and bones. There are also measures of aerobic and muscular fitness, facial characteristics (3D photos), nutrients levels (e.g. iron, vitamin D), infectious diseases, dental health, and skin (e.g. tattoos and skin age).

SIG Leaders:

Prof Romola Bucks, The University of Western Australia

A/Prof Rebecca Glauert, The University of Western Australia

Key findings over the last 30 years have included:

A potential negative association between a “Western” dietary pattern and male reproductive health was detected and should be studied further.

  • Ognjenovic M, Ambrosini GL, Malacova E, Doherty DA, Oddy WH, Handelsman DJ, McLachlan R, Dickinson J, Hart RJ. Associations between major dietary patterns and testicular function in a population-based cohort of young men: results from the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study. Andrology 2019;7(3):273-80.

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