Insights from the Raine Study Webinar June 2024

Learn how we continue to leverage the past to create the future in this fascinating webinar. Delve into the remarkable journey of the WA-based Raine Study, the world’s longest and highly impactful pre-birth pregnancy cohort study. Over the past 35 years, researchers have utilised this data to deliver ground-breaking research that’s had a profound global influence on over 300 health and education policies and practices that has utilised our data.

Hear from the Raine Study Directors, Professor Romola Bucks and Associate Professor Rebecca Glauert, whilst they discuss the origins, achieving the recruitment of a 3rd generation of participants and the role of philanthropy in this unique study.

Hear from two of the almost 7000 participants who now contribute their biological and lifestyle data. They share why they continue participating in follow ups and why they’ve involved their own children in the study. The Raine Study exemplifies the ethos of giving for the greater good and shared dedication. Its legacy continues to shape our understanding of health and well-being. View the webinar here.

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