New 35-Year eBook!

4 April 2024: We are excited to share this Raine Study 35-year celebratory eBook!

More than 35 years of Raine Study data collection and research is an amazing milestone worth celebrating. Filled with colourful photos and anecdotes, this eBook captures the journey of our wonderful participants, as well as personal reflections from researchers, patrons and staff on how the Raine Study has impacted their lives. The eBook is also a special opportunity to demonstrate the incredible dedication of all involved and thank our participants in particular for their commitment. We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

“The heart of the Raine Study, and the key to its longevity, is its people.”

Catherine Resnick, Chair of the Unincorporated Joint Venture Board, The Raine Study

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