Low vitamin D levels increase the risk of short-sightedness

Yazar S, Hewitt AW, Black LJ, McKnight CM, Mountain JA, Sherwin JC, Oddy WH, Coroneo MT, Lucas RM, Mackey DA. 26 June 2014 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci; 55(7):4552-9.

Publication date: 26 June 2014

Keywords: myopia, sun exposure, vitamin D, young adults

What is already known about this subject:

  • Myopia ('short-sightedness') is becoming increasingly common in Australia and worldwide.
  • Vitamin D deficiency, usually due to insufficient sun exposure, is also becoming increasingly common.
  • Spending more time outdoors decreases the risk of myopia, though it is not yet known if this is due to increased vitamin D levels.

What this study adds

  • Vitamin D levels in blood samples and eye examination data from the Raine Study participants at 20 years of age found that young adults with myopia had lower vitamin D levels.
  • Vitamin D deficiency was also associated with a higher risk of myopia.
  • Further research is warranted to investigate whether vitamin D is able to directly influence eye health or if it is a marker for eye sun exposure.
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