Cohort Consultation

“Cohort Consultation” represents active engagement / partnership between the cohort participants and the researchers, ensuring the decision making, and shaping of the project includes input by the broader cohort community.

To enhance the quality and impact of all research projects, it is expected that cohort consultation is incorporate during project development. The Raine Study staff will facilitate and advise on Cohort Consultation. To get participant involvement in your study, please contact the Raine Study team.

Participant engagement is important to us at the Raine Study, and is now a critical step in the grant application process for most of the major funding bodies. It is expected that researchers set up cohort consultation and involve participant representatives to help develop the project proposal in the early planning stages. This ensures that research decisions are guided by suggestions from the broader community about what research they consider useful and relevant. There are three levels of effective cohort consultation facilitated by the Raine Study staff:

We follow the guidelines for consumer involvement in research published by the Western Australian Health Translation Network‘s Consumer and Community Involvement Program, which can be found here.

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