2. Project Application in ROSS

The Raine Online Submission System (ROSS) an essential tool for managing research projects within the Raine Study. It serves as the exclusive platform for researchers to submit project applications, undergo review and feedback before facilitating access to the valuable data and biosamples. More information on ROSS can be found here.

Application and Review Process

Submit Project Application in ROSS: The Lead Investigator initiates the process by submitting a project application in ROSS. If Biological samples are being requested,  please follow the prompts to submit a Biosamples request.

Lead Investigator is responsible for the governance, oversight of analyses, publications and overall project conduct. For student projects, the Lead Investigator is the student’s primary supervisor.

Team Confirmation: Formal project submission occurs once each member of the project team confirms their involvement and acknowledges our code of conduct through ROSS.

SMC Review: The Scientific Management Committee (SMC) members will conduct a preliminary review of the project application, discuss associated cost of the project, and provide feedback to researchers.

SRC Meeting Date ROSS Submission by:
8th February 25th January
14th March 29th February
6th May29th April
18th July4th July
12th September 29th August
24th October 10th October
5th December 21st November
2024 SRC dates

SRC Review: The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) members will conduct a formal scientific review of the  project application and provide recommendations for amendments and/or approval. Project applications will be reviewed for scientific rigor, likely importance of findings, expertise of research team, feasibility, and impact on participants. Where insufficient expertise exists within the SRC, independent scientific reviews will be obtained.

Please anticipate a 6-8 week period from formal submission to provisional approval.

Access ROSS here:

Submission to Ethics and Funding body: Once a project has received provisional approval by the Raine Study team,  it can be submitted to the relevant human research ethics committee.

Ethics Approval Guidance:

Each new project, whether utilising existing data/bio-samples or collecting new ones, must secure Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval from an NHMRC-registered HREC. Please use the links below to guide you on how to obtain ethics to use the Raine Study data

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