2020 Annual Scientific Meeting

The Raine Study’s 13th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM 2020) took place on Friday 30 October. Due to restrictions still in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online via Zoom for the first time.

Download the event program: The Raine Study ASM Program 2020.

Complete event webinar recording:

The Raine Study 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting - Event Recording

Highlights from the event include:

  • Presentation on the history of the Raine Study by Raine Study founding investigator Professor John Newnham: John Newnham History of the Raine Study
  • 81 unique viewers logged into the ASM in real time.
  • 17 early career researchers from across UJV partners, around Australia and 1x international location were scheduled to present at the event although on the day 1 presenter had to withdraw due to illness
  • 6x session chairs representing 4x UJV partners (Curtin, Murdoch, TKI, UWA) attended the Raine Study in person for the event
  • Guest speakers Professor John Newnham and A/Professor Chris Abbiss (ECU) also attended in person, as did Board Chair Jan Stewart + current/incoming directors Professor Peter Eastwood and Professor Romola Bucks
  • Dr Amanda Cleaver (Raine Medical Research Foundation) attended in-person to present two prizes for Best Early Career Researcher Presentation: Dr Samantha Lee from Lions Eye Institute and Dr Chau Jillian Thien Tay from Monash University
  • In total we hosted around 40 guests in person at the Raine Study throughout the day (VIP presenters, markers and a number of ECRs), which provided effective networking opportunities during the morning tea and lunch breaks, as well as after the event


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